Creative Articles

GlobalculturZ also accepts creative articles in English/Japanese/Hindi/German and Portuguese. Creative articles are published in a separate section of the journal, generally after the research papers. A team of internal editors will review the articles and may ask you to make necessary changes, if necessary, before the publication of the same. Peer review is not done for these articles. Send your articles to

Write you name, e-mail id, webpage and affiliation only in authors details. You may send your extended contact details but as a privacy policy we shall include only the aobve details in our journal.

General Guidelines:

  1. Compose your article in a common font (Unicode) of your respective languages.
  2. The size of the font should be between 10-12 for the body and 14 bold for the title or subheadings.
  3. Do NOT format your text.
  4. Footers and Headers will not be included; so don’t use them at all.
  5. Do NOT number you pages, the numbering will be done during final compilation of the journal
  6. Please make sure that there are NO grammatical and spelling errors

What is Included:Creative articles include-

  1. Book Reviews
  2.  Piece of Criticism/Opinions
  3. Reports/Account of Events
  4.  Essays
  5. Poems
  6. Stories
  7. Short Plays
  8. Travelogues or memoirs etc.


  1. Photographs with relevance can be included. Make sure that the size of the photographs should not exceed 500KB.
  2. Attach photographs as different file, while sending your article for publishing.
  3. Write ‘Caption of the Photograph’ if required.
  4. Only ONE photograph/article is permitted
  5. In print version, only B/W photographs will appear.